Nightspot Cinema Presents: A night of Michael Jackson

Nightspot Cinema Presents: A night of Michael Jackson

23rd Jun 2017 7pm – 12am

Event Details

Nightspot Cinema resident DJ set and drinks (7pm-8pm)

Film screening (from 8pm): A hand picked selection of MJ's Best films and moments by some of the UK's up and coming, and most influencial DJ'sof (1984)

A film screening with a difference, Join us in celebrating the King of Pop Micheal Jackson for a evening dedicated to his unquestionable influence on style, culture, Film and music as we proudly present micheal jackson in Thriller, This Is It and more...

about the Film's:

This it it:

Prior to his untimely death, Jackson was in the midst of preparing for a series of sold-out concerts that were scheduled to take place in London during the summer of 2009. Behind-the-scenes footage, filmed between March and June of 2009, captures the pop superstar in intimate detail as he developed and rehearsed for the "This Is It" tour.


On a night set in the 1950s, a teenaged Michael and his unnamed girlfriend (Ola Ray), run out of gas while driving in a wooded area. They walk into the forest as they leave the car behind and Michael asks her to be his girlfriend. She accepts and he gives her a ring. However, he then tells her that he is "not like other guys." She tells him that's the reason she likes him, but Michael insists that she doesn't understand what he means. As his girlfriend asks what he's talking about, a full moon appears, and Michael begins transforming into a werecat,[3] growling at her to leave in the process. The girl screams in terror and attempts to escape, but the werecat chases her, knocks her down, lunges at her with his claws, and attacks her (off-screen). The scene then cuts to a movie theater where Michael and his unnamed girlfriend, along with an excitable audience, are actually watching the scene unfold in a Vincent Price horror movie titled "Thriller".

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Nightspot Cinema Resident DJ's

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